Company Profile / 公司簡介


愛,將設計熱愛化為生活感動 Devote the enthusiasm of design to the stimulant of life.


丽,以綺麗調性傳遞空間溫度 Convey the gorgeous tonality to the warm-hearted space.




A'LUX Design is specializing in the contemporary trendy style, has mastery over the international artistic accomplishment, never restricted by the stylish. The prior mission of the team is to create the outstanding luxurious visual feast.

We accurately bring out the natural features of the material, besides help the design details stand out, moreover retains the essential charm.Moreover, we boldly integrate and exploit a variety of materials to bring about the exclusive and astonishing projects, and then successfully achieve the requirements of the commercial space and the residences.

Design Director / 設計總監

設計總監Design Director


設計理念 - Design concept /


We particularly value the minute furnishing of the texture; and meticulously select materials to bring about the well-crafted spatial feature. At the same time pursuits the delicate and elegant layout, as well as to create charm and distinguished atmosphere of the overall space.
Furthermore, we take the user's living experience and the interaction of the interior space to the exterior surrounding into account; accordingly set up the glamorous pattern and provide the lofty taste for the residents and the visitors, hence to appreciate the ravishing daily life.
We hope to transform the plain lot into captivating landscape by way of design, thus, ultimately construct the unique world; what is more, wish to found an everlasting classic brand.

獲獎紀錄 - Award Record /

2021 │ MUSE Design Awards Commercial 《湛藍靡麗》 - Platinum Winner 2021 │ MUSE Design Awards Home Decor 《湛藍靡麗》 - Gold Winner 2021 │ MUSE Design Awards Home Decor 《靚麗采瑩》 - Platinum Winner 2021 │ MUSE Design Awards Living Spaces 《靚麗采瑩》 - Gold Winner 2020 │ 第八屆中國國際城市設計週 年度設計行業影響力人物 2020 │ JINTANG PRIZE 《湛藍靡麗》 - 獲獎 2020 │ DUBAI International Competition 《湛藍靡麗》 - 金獎 2020 │ MASION&OBJET DESIGN AWARD 《湛藍靡麗》 - 入圍